Cascadia provides its students with a great education and also good memories!

Cascadia is a place where students can make great progress and — at the same time —be happy at school with themselves and with their accomplishments. Days are focused and productive yet calm and relaxed at the same time. At Cascadia, these days create great memories.

One of the best results from attending Cascadia are the memories that the students (and their parents) add to their lives. Our warm, caring, comfortable, and supportive atmosphere provide a place where the children and their parents make good friends and great memories that last well past graduation from Cascadia.

We have come to know a lot about good memories in our 35 years of experience. We see friendships and memories grow first hand and we frequently receive letters and notes from current and former students and parents about reflections and memories.

Short notes from former students provide examples:

“Thank you for creating Cascadia (my home away from home) and doing all you do.  Without you, my life would be different in a huge way.”

“You [Mrs. Franklin] have not only made me a man of success, but you have made me a man of value.”

“Just like my graduation speech, you have taught me many life skills that I will take with me when I move into the future. What I like about you [Mrs. Franklin] is that you always teach from the bottom of your heart.”

A more reflective letter from another former student provides another example:

“Looking back as a 4.0 senior in high school, I am now able to see the many gifts I received as a result of attending Cascadia. Marilyn Franklin made Cascadia not just an elementary school, but a true experience. Through her unique teaching program, I attained many skills I now see my peers lack. I learned independence, creativity, perseverance, and gained an attitude that I could accomplish anything to which I set my mind. But the most important thing I took away was a love for learning. Cascadia made learning fun and really pushed me to do better than I ever thought I could. The comfortable atmosphere also helped me to excel. Cascadia became more like a home than a school as a result of the small class size and all the individual attention. Unlike in most schools, there were no cliques at Cascadia, and I was able to make many great friendships with students whom I still keep in close contact. We still laugh about our great [holiday] plays which we wrote, directed and starred in every year. Cascadia laid a secure foundation for the future of my education, and I attribute much of my success to the [type of] education I received from Marilyn Franklin.”

“Both of my kids went to Cascadia – one is now in middle school and another in high school.  Cascadia has had a very positive, long-lasting impact of both of them that we are able to tell well after they graduated from CMS.  It is a fantastic school that is focused on the well-rounded development of the students.  The academic standards are high with real focus on helping each student learn and apply the concepts.”