• Parent luncheon; time to enjoy talking with each other

  • Student giving a presentation to parent

  • Parents chaperoning at the Seattle Art Musuem

  • Parents get involved in the field trips

  • A parent's lesson on Chinese calligraphy

  • A student's grandparents, from Hawaii, singing together in Hawaiian

Parent participation is valued at Cascadia.

Parents who enroll their children at Cascadia play a key role in their children’s education!

Sharing Information: Sharing of information about each student’s learning and growth between the teachers and the student’s parents helps provide consistent and appropriate guidance for the benefit of the child. Formal parent conferences are scheduled twice each school year when detailed progress reports are presented and discussed. Also, teachers talk with parents when a need arises and are available when a parent needs to talk with them.

Parent Help:  Parents are asked to participate in several school activities:

  • For most of the field trips, parents are needed to act as small group chaperones and are sometimes needed to help transport the children. For our major field trips, we utilize contracted coaches. Typically, we arrange three major field trips each year for each classroom. These trips have included journeys to the Seattle Art Museum, the Children’s Theater, Discovery Park, Bellevue’s Mercer Wetlands, the Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo and others (we think the parents may enjoy the field trips as much as the children).  Coaches are used for off-site specialized classes (including physical education, soccer, hip-hop, and performing arts). Parents help transport students for extra library visits and other possible  local outings.
  • The school also has two special functions each year: a Halloween party and graduation at the end of the year.  Parents are asked to help organize and participate in activities for these functions and to bring deserts to the graduation celebration.

Homework:  We expect the parents to place a high priority on education. A key role of the parents involves student homework. Homework is a supplement that is assigned almost daily. It is important that parents help the students realize homework is important. The parents should provide help as needed, sharing in their children’s work and lives.

Attendance:  For us to provide quality education, children need to be in school. A basic role of the parents is to see that their children are at school for class days, on time, and ready to learn.  Absences need to be minimized and family vacations need to be scheduled to coincide with the school calendar and the parameters in the Enrollment Agreement. With the exception of illnesses, we expect all students to attend all class days. Information about our school calendar is included in this website. Cascadia’s school year calendar is included in this website.

“Our experience has been that the teachers track the children’s work and do not hesitate to bring any problem to the attention of the parents.  They involve the parents in determining what the child’s problem is and jointly come up with a solution to the problem.”