• Pre-K: spelling using step-by-step materials

  • Pre-K: pre-math skill-building

  • Sometimes we all know the answer

  • When education is in algnment, it is fun

  • Hands getting ready to hold a pencil

  • Grade 2: reading keyed to the grade level

At Cascadia, lessons are aligned with the students’ capability to understand and organize them.

As children grow and their minds develop, they inherently seek knowledge that they can understand and organize. They enjoy taking in new information if it is properly keyed to their abilities. When the children’s education is coordinated with their level of development, the children view their daily work with feelings of satisfaction.

Cascadia’s program recognizes and provides appropriate education for each level of development. Providing such education is a wonderful part of the Montessori philosophy and is embraced at our school. Subject area lessons are organized at Cascadia to build on the lessons previously presented in a coordinated way. The background lessons thereby relate to the present work and a spiral of learning occurs. Inherent abilities at each age level lead to the following general stages of academic development at our school:

  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Preparation for learning
  • 1st and 2nd Grades …..Academic Fundamentals
  • 3rd and 4th Grades …..Continued Fundamentals with their Integration and Application

As an example of development levels, a pre-kindergarten student is typically focused on:

  • Coordinating their brain and their physical movements (developing fine motor control, for example).
  • Beginning concepts for language: letters stand for sounds, letters can be arranged to make simple words — it becomes exciting to begin to read and write!
  • Beginning concepts for math: numbers stand for quantities, discovering things about units, tens, and hundreds — numbers follow patterns!
  • Beginning concepts about the physical world: there is land and water, continents, plants and animals are on the continents – the beginnings of botany, biology, and biomes!
“We have seen the excitement of learning blossom in the Cascadia educational experience.”