• Ms. Dixon, Pre-K and K teacher

  • Ms. Natarajan, pre-k teacher (helping with the snake lesson)

  • Ms. Pardikar, kindergarten teacher

  • Ms. Grant-Umek, kindergarten teacher

  • Ms. Orlando, Grade 1 teacher

  • Ms. Odegard, left, grade 2 teacher (with Ms. Chatterji, assistant)

  • Ms. Zadorozny, grade 3 teacher

  • Ms. Keeton, grade 4 teacher

  • Ms. Khurshid, Ms. Moss, Ms. Loewen, Ms. Clark, Ms. Chatterji, and Ms. Kipfer, all teaching assistants

  • Ms. Hasting, French teacher

Cascadia’s entire staff is dedicated to educating the students.

Marilyn Franklin, our director, and our staff are characterized by professional dedication and their desire to see that our students actually learn.

Our teaching staff includes our teachers, the classroom assistants, and the specialized instructors. Specific staffing varies slightly depending on specific circumstances. The staffing levels generally are as follows. In the pre-kindergarten/kindergarten classroom staffing consists of two teachers and two assistants. In the first/second grade classroom there are also two teachers and two classroom assistants. In the third/forth grade classroom, there are two teachers.

“Mrs. Franklin and the other teachers in the school really care about the students and provide a great nurturing and learning environment for kids.” 

“Please note that Cascadia’s vacation policy is very specific.  It centers on the idea that students need to be in school on school days if they are to learn and if we are to expect our teachers to do their best to teach the students.  The specific terms of the vacation policy are part of the Enrollment Agreement.”