• A balanced, comfortable learning environment

  • Kindergarten: multiple productive activities taking place together

  • Grade 4: well-balanced, literally

  • Grade 2: a quiet work time

Special qualities about Cascadia are keys to achieving our outstanding results. A balanced teaching structure is paramount.

The amount of structure at a school can be viewed as its position on a continuous scale with two ends. At one end of the scale is the most flexible structure. At this end of the scale, students progress at their own pace, following subjects of their own choosing. The other end of the scale is the least flexible; it is formal and rigid. Here, the whole class would do the same thing at the same time all day, each day.

If an elementary school is overly flexible, students do not learn how to learn or how to organize their time and effort. Areas of study are not organized or sequenced and, consequently, the depth of learning and understanding is not as great. A random process does not produce reliable results; a solid education does not result from random discoveries based on the daily “free choices” of young students.

If an elementary school is overly structured, important personal qualities of the students cannot emerge. The constraints and uniformity of “academy-type” structures do not facilitate special assignments and initiatives in each student’s areas of strength. Too much structure does not facilitate personal growth or social educational opportunities.

Cascadia provides sufficient structure so children realize they are learning in a logical, coordinated pattern. At our school, students know what they should be working on each day and the teachers track the completion and quality of each student’s work. Appropriate guidance and encouragement are provided.

Cascadia also provides sufficient flexibility to allow our teachers to interact with each student based on each child’s personality and abilities. Extra educational materials are available in the classrooms to supplement a particular topic when extra work would be helpful or to enrich learning when regular lessons are completed.

“We happened to send our kids to three different private schools in the area, and I can definitely say that this is the school we needed from the beginning. Cascadia has a perfect balance of discipline, academics, and fun. The part that I valued most is the confidence that my daughters have in their teachers. I can see teachers are so truly involved and committed to the students.”