• Music lesson with Natalie Scollick

  • Monart art instruction with Sally Brucker

  • Grades 1 and 2: art lesson

  • Grade 4: French lesson

  • Class art project

  • Grades 3 and 4: dress rehearsal for annual performing arts musical play

  • Pre-K: acting out "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"

Learning experiences in the arts are important in opening up the world to our students.

Cascadia provides lessons and field trips focusing on the cultural subjects of visual arts, foreign language, and performing arts.

Experiences in these areas are important for several reasons. Awareness of these areas is part of a well-rounded education. For children to understand the choices available in our world, they need to have an idea of what exists in the world. These experiences also provide important opportunities for personal and social development. For example, performances by our students in front of live audiences help develop confidence and speaking skills.

Part-time staff and contracted specialists are utilized to provide expert instruction in specialized subject areas. Specialized classes vary from year-to-year and from grade-to-grade. Typically, classes include the following:

  • French lessons are provided by Geraldine Hasting. She was born and raised in France so French is her native language. She is an excellent teacher and enjoys working with our students.
  • Lessons in the visual arts (drawing and practice using various media) are provided by a wonderful instructor from the Monart School of Arts.
  • Classes in the performing arts (singing and acting) are taught by a professional music and drama teacher. In the spring, an all-school performance is typically a part of this program.

Parents have also initiated supplemental learning activities. They have provided special art activities and special computer applications, and parents have typically provided a special treat for a class party on their children’s birthdays! Parent volunteers are welcome to help in the classroom.

“In the last several years, Cascadia has been able to increase the focus on athletics, arts, and science, without loosing focus or reducing the focus on academics.”