• You are invited to visit Cascadia

Cascadia’s admission process follows six important steps.

We look forward to meeting and talking with you and your child to see if Cascadia is a good setting for your family.

1. Contact the Director, Mrs. Franklin

For an initial discussion, contact Mrs. Franklin by phone (425–881–2885) or email ( mfranklin@cascadiamontessori.com )  Mrs. Franklin can talk with you during the school day, after school, early evening, or on the weekend.

2. Visit the School During Class Time

 Schedule a visit (parents only) to observe Cascadia’s students and teachers engage in the learning process.  During this time, Mrs. Franklin will explain Cascadia’s goals for our students, share student work, and discuss the details of Cascadia’s curriculum.  Ample time is planned to answer questions and chat.  Additional visits or discussions may be arranged.

3. Submit Application to Cascadia

To apply, the parents need complete two forms: (1) the Application for Admission; and (2) the Records and Information Release.

Submit the Application for Admission to Cascadia, to the attention of Mrs. Marilyn Franklin. For the Records/Information Release, complete the form (and photocopy additional copies if needed for your situation) and send signed copies to your previous school(s) and any testing specialist(s) who may have worked with your child in the last two years.

4. Evaluation by our Director

Mrs. Franklin will contact your child’s previous teacher(s) and may contact others listed on the Application for Admission who have relevant information about your child.  Any additional information you have provided will be reviewed (although additional information is not usually necessary).

Mrs. Franklin will meet your child.  An appointment is scheduled for your child to meet with Mrs. Franklin during non-class times, usually on a weekend.  During this time, your child will work with Mrs. Franklin doing work at your child’s own grade level.  Mrs. Franklin will observe academic skills, maturity, focus, cooperation, effort, and the child’s level of development in basic academic areas of arithmetic, reading, and writing.

We want your child’s visit to be seen as a positive experience, and we can assure you that we handle these matters with sensitivity toward the children who visit.  This step often helps parents gauge the attitude of their children toward Cascadia as their potential future school.  We can report that the children usually like their visit and feel ready to come back.

5.  Enrollment Decision

Mrs. Franklin and the parents jointly discuss observations and conclusions about enrollment at Cascadia. An offer of enrollment will be valid for a specific period of time within which the parents will need to make their enrollment decision about Cascadia. It is also possible that additional information or further work with the child will be recommended, prior to the enrollment decision, to make sure that Cascadia is a good place for your child

6. Enrollment

Enrollment takes place at Cascadia.  Enrollment consists of completing the Enrollment Agreement (sample follows) and paying the Enrollment Tuition. The Enrollment Tuition is non-refundable and the Enrollment Agreement is a binding contract for the school year.

Additional forms completed at or shortly after enrollment are the Family Data Sheet, the Certificate of Immunization Status, and the Driving Guidelines.

“Cascadia has been a true gem for our family and our children. From the minute we stepped foot on the school grounds and met Mrs. Franklin, we knew this was the right place for [our children]. Cascadia has an immediate warm, welcoming , and nurturing feeling to it. You can observe the children busy, working hard during class, with concentrated and happy faces. The playground is gorgeous and lush green. The school is nestled in a sweet little neighborhood that feels safe. The teachers are passionate about their work and incredibly dedicated to the children.”