• 1st Grade: writing a report

  • Pre-K and K: the earth, the moon, and the sun

  • Kindergarten: classifying leaf shapes

  • Grade 4: geometry problems

  • Grade 1: computers become a tool

  • Reptile study, in person

Cascadia emphasizes academics.

A strong academic education is essential for a student’s success in each subsequent grade and in subsequent private schools or the special or traditional programs in public schools. Further, a good academic base provides tools that the children will use throughout their lives.

Cascadia’s curriculum emphasis is first on the academic foundation subjects:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Language Arts and Writing
  • Mathematics and Problem Solving

Other academic subjects are also strongly supported in the curriculum:

  • History and Social Studies
  • Physical Geography
  • Science

Blended into daily activities is instruction in key skill areas:

  • Computer Skills
  • Library Use
  • Reference Skills
  • Communication Abilities

Academic emphasis at Cascadia means that we strive for academic mastery and understanding. With understanding, students are able to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and apply what they have learned. This emphasis helps our students learn how to learn – an important foundation for their future successes.

It is important to note that the overall educational environment at Cascadia provides a place where students feel comfortable and open to express their thoughts and do their best. This context is an essential starting point for assessing each student’s progress.

“We selected Cascadia Montessori School as the elementary school for our two children because we were looking for a small school that would produce a rigorous, challenging elementary education for them. We wanted a school that would stress the fundamentals; one that would teach our children to read fluently, write grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs, expose them to a wide variety of facts, and provide a good foundation in mathematics and the sciences.”